YC&AC RUGBY TEN-A-SIDE Wednesday, 3rd November 2004

Event Date

Wednesday, 3rd November 2004.  Kick off at 11:00am


Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
11-1 Yaguchidai Naka Ku Yokohama 231-8684
PH: 045 623 8121   FAX: 045 623 1233
Email: sports@ycac.or.jp

Please read the following information carefully to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly:

Tournament Details

  1. Please refer to the draw attached.
  2. All games shall consist of two ten-minute halves with a two-minute interval.  Therefore, 10-2-10
  3. All teams are guaranteed at least two games.
  4. Special Rules & Conditions.
    1. Except for those exceptions noted below, all rugby 10-A-Side rules and regulations will be binding.
    2. Teams must be ready to play at the designated times or forfeit their game.
    3. Should both teams be drawn at the end of full time, extra time of five minutes each way will be played.  The first team to score will be declared the winner.  If a final should continue without a result, then the team that scored the first try, drop kick or penalty in that order shall be declared the winner.  In the event of a scoreless game then a penalty kickoff will take place.  The first team to score a goal will be the winner.
    4. No player may play for more than one team throughout the day.  This will result in the offending team registering a loss.  However should a team through injury not have enough players, then they may borrow a player/s from another team if that team is no longer in the tournament.
    5. When a player receives a yellow card, the player must immediately retire to an area behind the opposition benches for a minimum period of two minutes.  For a red card penalty, the offending player will be unable to play for the remainder of the day.  He may be replaced by another player in subsequent games but not that game.
    6. All conversions are drop kicks.
    7. Teams should consist of a 15-player pool, no more.  Player's lists should be sent to the YC&AC with the description of the jersey by 30th October 2004
    8. All teams are required to provide linesmen for games within their pool when not playing these games as noted clearly on the draw except for finals TBA.  Non-players are okay for lines.
    9. A chief official will be appointed to deal with any inquiries: Mr. S. Ryan (YC&AC Rugby President), along with 2 Timekeepers/Scorer.
    10. Each visiting team will be required to pay \40,000, which covers the following:
      • Game, Ground, Referees, Balls, etc.
      • Lunch.
      • Post-game reception in Bay View Room at 4.00pm
      Regretfully, money is only 50% refundable in the event of rain.  See point n) below.
    11. All YC&AC players and their guests attending the reception in the Bay View Room at 4:00pm will be asked to pay a fee of \2,000 to cover the cost of beverages.  Guests should pay by coupon.
    12. Further inquiries should be directed to (English) Cameron Graham, Operations Manager at YC&AC on 045 623 8121 or (Japanese) Ayumi Ikezu on 045 623 8121
    13. Rain Policy: In the event of rain on the day prior to the competition, the YC&AC reserves the right to cancel this event.  A final decision regarding the day will be made by 6.00pm the day before, in this case an email confirmation will be send to the team captains.
    14. Same Day Cancellation is avoided wherever possible but may be unavoidable. Should it be raining in the morning please view the calendar on the YC&AC website at www.ycac.or.jp for information regarding the 10-a-side tournament.



Tournament Draw


Game 9, 14:45 Game 5, 13:00 Acorn Game 1, 11:00 Game 7, 13:50 Game 10, 15:15
All France
London Japanese Game 2, 11:25
Gentle Giants
Game 6, 13:25 YC & AC Game 3, 11:50 Game 8, 14:15
Zenkai Beers Game 4, 12:15
Tokyo Gaijin